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Welcome to the MEDWEB, home of the pseudo-discordian body-popping platonists movement.

(you could of course try the less obscure

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telef0nix knowledge:

Telefon1.html   -> Part 1 of our UK network guide
Telefon2.html   -> Part 2 of our UK network guide
md-ttxe.html   -> Guide to the Telephone eXchange Electronic
mancloc.txt   -> Locations to trash in Manchester, innit..

murder kill steal nuclear destroy genocide chemical warfare attack monarch secret menwith MOD assasinate president money profit international bank cocaine billion island revolution revolt overthrow east west communism state facist saddam gun missle projectile satellite gun spy torture assasinate nuclear arms deal CIA top secret overthrow world profit dollar american shares preference nuke military special operations rule slave atomic aircraft mission task force economics special underground air moon strike kill president warez overt organisation carlos baron clinton overlord biological base guard network massacre bank money drugs heroin marijuana restricted bill gates arson crash conspiracy danger fort guard strategic command revolt anarchy choas

Fortune City

(now you know the difference between minimalism and laziness)